Ascential Bioscience Opportunity Review

Published: 15th January 2010
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Ascential Bioscience is a network marketing company focused on optimal health for those people that use their products. It currently operated in the United States, Canada and Mexico.


The Ascential Integrated Health System consists of products designed to work together with diet and exercise. This helps attain and maintain optimal health with a lean body mass and provide enough energy to get one through their daily lives or work and workouts.

Currently, the company products are formulated by Rich Scheckenbach. Rich is a biochemist and has worked in the nutritional industry for over 30 years.

The Core Foundation products are meant to provide one with the basic essentials to optimize the metabolism and ensure one stays healthy.

The Ideal Weight products were created to help people lose weight by consuming nutrients and using the Ascential SmartShake. The SmartShake is low calorie and a complete meal source.

The Elite Performance products address the nutritional needs of athletes so that they can build lean body mass and have the strength and endurance to compete. The Elite Performance products can also assist in quicker recovery and provide more energy.

Focused Essentials are nutritional supplements. Ascential bioscience states that this particular line of products is to be used as needed to address specific health, wellness, and workout concerns.

As well as providing nutritional supplements, the company also provides 600 professionally designed exercise programs. There are also thousands of videos and fitness tips that can help people reach their goals with optimal weight, fitness and health.

The exercise programs can be broken down into specific sports as well, so if you want a routine for something like tennis or baseball, the company provides plans of actions for those specific sports.

The company believes in diet and exercise together to promote optimal health and weight. One has access to over 4000 customizable diet and nutrition plans. These plans can be broken down further by ethnic food preferences, the type of protein preferred and what one's favourite vegetables and fruits are.

So the company takes things a step further than many nutritional supplement companies by providing in depth exercise and diet plans that can help ensure greater adherence to an individual's fitness program.


Ascential Bioscience offers the opportunity for people to earn money by promoting it's products as a distributor. The ideal distributor would be someone who believes that both diet and exercise are essential for people to attain and maintain one's health and proper body weight. To sign up as a distributor, one must pay an initial fee of $65.

The company currently operates in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Though this is still a very large market, it does limit one's geographic reach.

As with all network marketing companies, only a small percentage of Ascential Bioscience distributors will make money with this company. However, there will always be a few that make a small profit every month and there will also be those that make a very significant income in this company.

Though telling people that you know about your business can result in some sales, this method alone will not create massive success for you. In order to make life changing income with this company or any other company, you must learn effective online techniques and strategies to rise above the multitude that will fail. Learning online marketing can help propel you to success and financial stability.

If this company is not the right fit for you, continue searching online until you find a company that has the products you can stand behind and promote. But whatever you decide, you must take action in order to succeed.

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